NEW Papa Roach Track Will Appear On The Avengers Assemble Soundtrack

A brand new track, "Even If I Could", off of the upcoming Papa Roach album will appear on The Avengers Assemble soundtrack!  The soundtrack will be available May 1st and this will be your first opportunity to hear new Papa Roach material that they have been working on!  

Check out all of the information HERE!

  1. Jmapenguin avatar

    On Jul 09, Jmapenguin said:

    I knew that was you!!! Rock on!! Awesome movie, better soundtrack!

  2. Marpsy avatar

    On Jun 27, Marpsy said:

    Great movie great song how come while it's on the soundtrack it's not actually in the movie. LAAAAAAAAAAAME sauce

  3. PattiyBritto avatar

    On Jun 12, PattiyBritto said:

    it's fucking great!!! OMG! *0*

  4. devel avatar

    On May 12, devel said:

    heyyy, u guys get more xtreme wen u come out with new lyrics...keep on rockin'
    ~papa roach fan

  5. chrisy939 avatar

    On Apr 17, chrisy939 said:

    Can't wait for the avengers movie to come out it has awesome actors in it and music it is the best movie all round o and love the new song it is amazing

  6. Drop Dead Fairy avatar

    On Apr 17, Drop Dead Fairy said:

    If it's on the movie, that means that I'll heard it in 8 days! C'mon C'mon C'mon!!!!!

  7. Bren3721 avatar

    On Apr 16, Bren3721 said:

    Sweet!!! Can't wait.

  8. VIProach avatar

    On Apr 16, VIProach said:


  9. S.I.D.Enemy avatar

    On Apr 16, S.I.D.Enemy said:

    Have heard it and WOW it's fucking great!!!

  10. Shaddix.Babe avatar

    On Apr 15, Shaddix.Babe said:

    Thats so awesome! :D
    This has made me very happy :3

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